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Styrka inom tre områden

Ivoclar Vivadent arbetar med tre produktområden. Inom dessa tre områden erbjuder vi tandläkare och tandtekniker produkter och produktsystem som stödjer dem genom hela behandlings- och tillverkningsprocessen, och ger dem möjlighet att uppnå estetiska resultat.

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  • 2017-07-18

    Do you need a new curing light for your practice? Have you ever wondered what it is that you should look out for when purchasing? Then maybe our checklist will be of help to you. We have compiled the most important criteria for you to download. Here are five important points in advance:

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  • 2017-07-11

    Dentists who want to start a practice should be well prepared. As an independent dentist, they are entrepreneurs, marketing, personnel and financial managers all in one person. The more thoroughly they consider the critical points and clarify them in advance, the better they calm their nerves and financial resources. We asked Thies Harbeck, Managing Director of OPTI Zahnarztberatung (Damp/Germany), what to look out for when starting up a practice. Find out more!

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  • 2017-07-04

    Interview with Dr Gabriele David, Head of Professional Care, Ivoclar Vivadent

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  • 2017-07-20

    Are you looking for an investment material which can be used all round and which will enable you to work more efficiently in the dental laboratory?

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  • 2017-07-13

    Do you believe that there is still room for improvement in the supply, handling and esthetic possibilities of artificial teeth? Would you say that prefabricated teeth on removable dentures should integrate better into the natural environment? That the shades should be a better match? Or that the construction elements should be hidden better? Then read further.

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  • 2017-07-06

    This video shows the effect of the oxyapatite crystals contained in IPS Style ceramics in combination with fluorapatite and leucite crystals. The patented metal-ceramic material IPS Style offers dental labs maximum efficiency, easy handling and lifelike esthetics.

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